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John Antone - President, Managing Director

John Antone has had a long career in the high tech world. He recently served as Corp VP for Applied Materials for 5 years. He resided for 3 years in Shanghai where he was the WorldWide Sales leader for the Energy and Environmental Solutions business unit. This unit's responsibilities included supplying advanced manufacturing equipment to the world's largest solar wafer and solar cell producers.

Prior to joining Applied Materials, Mr. Antone spent 22 years with Intel Corporation. He spent 5 years as head of Intel Asia, where his primary responsibility was managing sales and marketing for the Asia region, which acconted for ~50 % of Intel's worldwide revenue. Prior to that, Mr. Antone lived in Tokyo for 5 years where he was the President and Managing Director for Intel Japan K.K.

Mr. Antone has an Engineering Degree and an MBA, from the University of Michigan. Mr. Antone has recently moved back to Tokyo where he has a permanent residence, with the intent to grow this partnership. He brings significant experience and knowledge from the high-tech world and specifically from his time working with the solar equipment supply chain.


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