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Our Team

John Antone

President, Managing Director
John Antone has had a long career in the high tech world. He recently served as Corp VP for Applied Materials for 5 years. He resided for 3 years in Shanghai where he was the WorldWide Sales leader for the Energy and...Read More

Yoshino Ishibashi

Vice President, Operations
Yoshino Ishibashi has lived around the world with her family. After the Fukushima Earthquake, she started a charity while living in Shanghai named "Pray For Japan". This charity raised money over a period of 2 years...Read More

Todd Sandoz

Director, Partner
Todd Sandoz is a senior member of Nomura International Securities staff. He resides in London as the Managing Director, Head of Global Equity Trading and Execution Services...Read More

About LA Energy Japan

I began a solar business in 2013 in Hawaii. The native Hawaiian word for sun in Hawaiian is LA. Hawaii is a beautiful place which bridges east and west. And has some of the best sun in the world. This is the basis for our company name.

The company logo also shows 3 sections, labeled G, S and C within a stylized sun. These three letters represent the three relative elements of energy conservation

G for GENERATION. The world's economies generate energy primarily through two primary sources. The most visible is through burning of petroleum in an internal combustion engine. The second is the heating of water to turn large turbines which generate electricity and power the grid. Over time, energy GENERATION will move away from fossel fuel toward non burning renewable energy sources.

S for STORAGE. We all use small cell batteries on a daily basis. Batteries power our phones, pads, PCs and toys with energy stored up from the grid. Batteries are being more powerful and affordable. And alternative forms of storage are also being developed.

C for CONSERVATION. Whether using electricity or burning petrol to run our cars, most of the energy we use is wasted in the form of heat. Significant technology is being developed to more efficiently use our energy and produce less heat. Even as Notebook PCs and TVs have become bigger and more powerful through Moore's Law effects, magically they are tending to consume less energy. Lighting accounts for about 25% of all the world's electricity usage. The incandescent light which was invented by Thomas Edison over 100 years operates in much the same way today. And unfortunately, that is very energy inefficient. LED lights are now becoming cost effective (high volume drives costs down as Gordon Moore predicted). While producing the same amount of light, they can consume 90% less energy. Many other conservation technologies are being developed.

At LA Energy Japan, our main focus as we begin operations is to build out Mega solar projects. Our long term strategy however, intends to pursue project and market development across the broad spectrum of energy, namely Generation, Storage and Conservation. All three are important to create an energy independent Japan. Stay tuned as our story evolves and grows.

Articles from Intel Japan days

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